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2024-2025 Safe and Inclusive School Planlearning triangle

Our school is committed to providing all students with a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment free from bullying and harassment that promotes respect, acceptance, and empathy.

Staff, students, parents and caregivers, and community partners will work together as a team to help make our school safe and welcoming for everyone.

The Safe and Inclusive School Plan highlights some of the key actions that our school community will put in place as part of our bullying prevention and intervention efforts.

Key Priorities and Goals

This year we are focusing on building empathy, enhancing mental health, and respectful play.

We are doing this to build student capacity to enhance well-being, and sense of belonging within our school community.

Key Actions or Strategies

  • Using restorative practices and student led initiatives to build student capacity for conflict resolution and empathy
  • Engage community partners to foster greater mental health awareness
  • Have ongoing discussions with students regarding fair and respectful play

Community and Home Connections

  • Ask your child about their day and how their action(s) made others feel. Ask about how they may have handled a situation and if their actions helped the situation.
  • Try various exercises to improve mental health and well-being at home with your child on a regular basis (ex. Meditation, walks, exercise, etc.)
  • Check out this resource about Stop it. Name it.